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The children participate in a varied range of carefully planned, fun & challenging games. Activities include boot-camp style warm ups, gym circuits (using climbing frames, ladders, trampolines, balance beams, tunnels, etc), obstacle courses, jump rope routines, parachute games, & choreographed movement. Classes are varied each week to keep the kids excited and engaged.


The program provides a great foundation for numerous sports by helping to develop your child’s gross motor skills, balance, body awareness, flexibility, & hand eye coordination, while improving cardio-vascular health. The children also acquire softer skills such as cooperation & teamwork, which are essential in all spheres of activity. As we believe that activity and education should go hand in hand, children learn while they play, unconsciously reinforcing many concepts that they cover during the school day.


The objectives of an afterschool dance program are to help children enjoy music and rhythm, shed inhibitions and be comfortable with their bodies.

It also aims to develop balance and coordination, and help move with confidence and imagination. The children learn to use their bodies, express ideas and feelings toward music. Children are taught the importance of a proper warm up through the use of an aerobic routine with or without equipment, stretching the muscles used and a cool down.

Basic dance steps like V step, Grapevine, knee lifts are taught along with western dance forms like square dancing, jazz, pop, along with Bollywood. Equipment based music and movement activities with jump ropes, scarves, balls and hula-hoops are also part of this program. 

Music and movement aims to improve the coordination of the children, give them an energetic cardio-vascular workout, reduce stress, and most importantly have fun and realise that everyone can dance.

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